No Income or No Credit ? NO PROBLEM!

We are a Direct Private Hard Money Lender that gets loans funded in days not months that banks and other mortgage companies cannot or will not fund. We offer true No Income – NO DOC Loans, Fix & Flip, Long Term Rental Loans, Cash out or Purchase, business in addition to our Business, Personal and Commercial Loans.

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Our Story

Starting out as a real estate investing firm, our experience, expertise and success has let us to help the upcoming investors and business owners seeking funds for start-ups, first deals or growth, as we believe your growth means we grow together.


Meet the Boss

A major factor in WWJ loans becoming one of the leading private money lenders is its president, Weslie Johnson.  Wes has been involved in real estate investment since 1985 and private money lending business since 2001.  Since that date his involvement in loan brokerage and loan servicing for private lenders has given him extensive knowledge and expertise in the private money lending industry. WWJ investments and its affiliates have funded over $5.7 billion in real estate loans, business and personal loans.  Wes’ personal involvement in all of these loans has given him the experience necessary to provide the company’s clients with the best service available in the industry.

Wes received his B.S. degree in finance from the University of Illinois and his M.B.A. degree in finance and accounting from Northwestern University.

Wes can be reached at 702-623-0458 or weslie.j@wwjloans.com